What is CollBox Direct?

Understanding our agency partnership program

CollBox Direct is a variant of our award-winning debt collection platform allowing debt collection agencies to bring CollBox technology to their existing customers. CollBox Direct customers send their placements to a single collection agency, typically in exchange for exclusive rates or pricing options, rather than sending them to the CollBox network at large.

For Prospective CollBox Users

If you already work with a collection agency and would like to use the CollBox platform to automatically advance invoice / customer details from your accounting software, ask the collection agency if they support CollBox Direct.

For Current CollBox Users

You can determine if you're a CollBox or a CollBox Direct user by logging into CollBox and looking at the logo in the top left of your browser. CollBox direct users will see "collbox for [Agency]", and users of the core product will simply see "collbox".

If you're a CollBox Direct user but you'd like to use the full CollBox platform, please contact support.

For Collection Agencies

If you're interested in using the CollBox platform to make the collections process more convenient for your customers, and to provide higher-quality debtor details to your collectors, please contact collectors@collbox.co.