What if my customer still won't pay?

Your customer refuses to pay despite being sent to collections

Sometimes a customer will refuse to pay even if they've been sent to collections. This can take a few forms:

  1. They've gone out of business and cannot pay
  2. They've filed for bankruptcy that includes their debt to you
  3. They are disputing the validity of the debt
  4. Regardless of circumstance, they are simply refusing to pay

Depending on the nature of their refusal, you may have a few options to proceed with. In these cases, our debt collection partners will contact you directly so they can explain to you the nature of the refusal and share your next available steps.

Please keep in mind that, in some cases (such as bankruptcy or a company going out of business with no assets to pursue), there may be no further action possible.

In all other cases, the collection agency will work with you to evaluate additional steps, including taking legal action (if appropriate), and how that could impact their collection fee and the process.