How much does CollBox cost?

Pricing details for using the CollBox service

The core CollBox service is free to use and you are only responsible for the agency's collection fees upon their successful recovery of your past-due invoices. (Note: this article does not apply to our CollBox Direct customers who may be presented with different pricing options.)

Before you commit to anything, you will be given a clear, easy to understand rate based on your specific past-due invoices. The collection fee varies by agency as well as the amount and age of the invoices but you'll have all of the information before you make a decision. 

A good guideline to keep in mind: The older an invoice is, the lower the chance of success in collecting it and the higher the collection fee.

We recommend submitting past-due invoices as soon as you can to maximize the chance of collection as well as to minimize the collection fee.

Remember, collection fees only apply if the collection agency successfully recovers  funds for you. That means there is no cost if they are not able to collect.