If I update data in my accounting system, how long will it take to show up in my CollBox account?

CollBox synchronizes with your accounting system *at least* every hour.

Once your accounting software has been integrated with CollBox, you can continue making updates to accounts in that system and they will be reflected within CollBox. Some of the accounting systems we integrate with provide us with near real-time updates, so you may see your changes reflected in CollBox within five minutes. In all cases, you should see changes reflected within an hour.

If you don't see an update you're expecting after an hour, check the Integrations page first and make sure that the integration is marked active—if not, you may need to reconnect the accounting system.

If the integration is active and you still aren't seeing the update you expect, or if you need something to be updated quickly, contact our support team and we will be happy to help resolve the situation.