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Getting started with Invoiced and CollBox

Link CollBox and Invoiced so you can submit past-due accounts from Invoiced to collections in just a few clicks.

Getting started with CollBox and Invoiced is a breeze. Once you've created your CollBox account, confirmed your e-mail, and are working your way through the setup workflow, you'll see a section titled "Connect your books"

Click on "Connect your books" and you'll be greeted with a variety of integration options for connecting your accounting info to CollBox. Next, click on "Connect to Invoiced".

On the next screen, you'll see instructions to enter your an API Key (that is generated from within Invoiced) to continue linking your Invoiced data with CollBox. A link is provided to the correct page within Invoiced to either copy your Invoiced API Key or generate a new one.

Click that link and you'll be prompted to log in to Invoiced to get that info.

Note: If you run into any issues finding or generating your Invoiced API Key, simply reach out to your contact on the Invoiced team for help.

Once you've copied that API Key from within Invoiced, head back to the previous screen within CollBox, enter the Invoiced API Key and click "Submit" to authorize syncing your Invoiced data with CollBox.

Once that is complete, you'll be brought back to the setup screen within CollBox with a new message letting you know that we're waiting for the initial sync with Invoiced to complete. This usually only takes a minute or two but could take a bit longer if you have a high volume of customers.

Note: If this takes longer than 10 minutes to complete, reach out to us via live chat or at support@collbox.co with your name and the e-mail associated with your account and we'll get you taken care of right away.

Once that finished, the screen will automatically update to check off that step. From there, click on "Complete company settings" to confirm the details about your company.

It should only take a moment to fill out these details and you'll be in the homestretch. For this section, fill out the details about your company with contact info in case one of our agency partners needs to reach out to you.

The final step of the setup workflow is to check out the walkthrough video for new CollBox users. This video will show you up to submit a new account to collections through CollBox as well as how to check status updates and ask questions to the agency servicing your accounts. Once you've viewed it (or chosen to view it later) click the "Let's get started!" button to move on.

After you've completed the setup workflow and connected your Invoiced data to CollBox, you'll be brought to the "Collectible" section of CollBox where you'll see all your past-due accounts, broken out by age and you're ready to start submitting those accounts to CollBox so you can get paid for your hard work!

If you're having trouble or have questions, feel free to reach out to the CollBox team via live chat or at support@collbox.co and we'll get you taken care of right away!