When and how will I get paid?

You've submitted past-due invoices for collections and some or all of them have been collected

First off, congratulations on the successful recovery! 🎉  

Now let's get your money into your hands.

After one of your placements has been successfully recovered by the collection agency working on your behalf, they will remit payment to you directly less the associated collection fees you agreed to up-front.

Details can differ a bit from agency to agency, but CollBox partner agencies are contracted to make payment within 30 days of collecting on an account and will make payment to you either via check or ACH.

Shortly after you receive notice from CollBox that one of your placements has been collected, the collection agency will reach out to you directly to arrange payment. If you haven't heard anything within a few days, feel free to use the Message Servicer feature with in the app to ask for an update, or reach out to CollBox support directly and we'll get you taken care of promptly.