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What if a judgment has already been awarded to me on my debt?

What can be done when there is a judgment on a debt?

If a judgment has already been awarded to you on a debt, the agencies in our network cannot pursue that debt. They do not accept debts with judgments on them as the odds of a successful collection are determined to be too low. If a judge ruling that a debtor must pay doesn't make them pay, a collection agency's efforts won't be any more successful.

We recommend submitting debts to collections before taking legal action, as you can always escalate from collections to the legal route, but once you pursue legal action you cannot submit the debt to collections. Think of legal action as a final resort before either getting paid or writing something off as a bad debt. 

There may be professionals in the market that specialize in recovery of debts that have judgments awarded. If you have any past-due accounts that do not have judgments on them that you still need help with, we'd love to help so give us a shout!