How can I request a status update?

Looking to get an update on the status of an account currently being worked by an agency? Here's the best way to get in contact with them.

The servicers in our network may not always notify you when they log activity after reaching out to the debtor. In general, they'll only send you a notification if there’s a major update or if they need your assistance with anything. But that doesn’t mean activity isn’t happening!

If you'd like to request an update from the servicer on the status of your placement, the 'Message Servicer' feature on the CollBox platform is the best and easiest way to do so.

Messages sent via this feature go directly to the account servicer and will be logged in the timeline at the bottom of the placement information page. CollBox's integrated messaging tools make it easy to know where to send extra information, as well as to track what additional details you've passed along, as the details of the message will be logged on the placement screen.

Check out this Help Center article on how to access that feature.