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Manage Team access with new Permissions Settings

New Team permission settings allow you to assign different roles to your team members in CollBox

Custom Team permissions empower you to support your company’s A/R workflow without turning over full account permissions to all of your team members. Whether you have an assistant who should only be able to submit past-due accounts to Assist or an on-staff accountant who needs broad access to manage your accounting integrations, CollBox can now model your workflow.


Team Settings


To add team members to your company in CollBox:

  1. Go to “Settings” > “Team”
  2. Type your team member’s email address into the field and select which role you wish to assign them
  3. Click “Invite Teammate”

Team members can now be assigned to be either Admins or regular Members of your company. Admins can customize the permissions of the Member role. Specifically, Admins can set where Members can manage Team and Accountants, Accounting Data, and Placements.

To edit your Team Permissions, go to “Settings” > “Company”.


Team Permissions

Review your Team settings!

Edit your Team permissions!