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Dashboard Overview

Welcome to your CollBox dashboard!

This article will walk you through the basics of your dashboard and its functions, but should you have any further questions please don't hesitate to reach out to our Support Team at support@collbox.co.

Company A/R

Past-Due Section

Upon login into your dashboard, you're brought to your Past-Due section. This is where past-due accounts will be listed. There's also an Import Manual Data button on this page that redirects you to our manual data import options.


Collecting Section

The Collecting section is where all pending accounts, both Assist and Collect, are listed. From here, you can click on a pending account and review the timeline, contact the servicer, and provide additional documentation. There is a Download Report button on this page that allows you to download a CSV of all of your accounts that have been submitted to Assist or Collect.collecting-1

Resolved Section

The Resolved section is where all resolved accounts are listed. Whether the account was resolved, canceled, or failed, it will be listed here and labeled as such. There is a Download Report button on this page as well that allows you to download a CSV of all of your accounts that have been submitted to Assist or Collect.resolved-1



Edit your Profile information, specifically your name, email, and phone number. You can also change your password here.

User settings-1


Select whether or not you'd like to receive a regular report of all of your past-due accounts via email (we recommend leaving this enabled).



On this page, you can edit your Company settings and Team Permissions, as well as provide a payment URL for your accounts in Assist.

Your Company settings include the company name, your customer type (primarily B2B or B2C) and line of business, the point of contact for CollBox, and the company phone number and address.

company settings 1-2

Team Permissions allows you to manage what users with the member role are able to do, specifically, if they can manage the team and accountants, the accounting data, and placements.

company settings 2-1

You can also provide a payment URL for the servicer to enter payment information collected from customers.

company settings 3-1


Invite other team members to the platform so they can help you submit past-due accounts, provide supporting documentation, or follow along with the state of your company's accounts receivable. You can also set your team members' roles here, making them either a company admin or member. If you have an on-staff accountant, feel free to invite them from this page.team settings-1


Invite your outsourced accountant or bookkeeper to CollBox to help manage your past-due accounts. Accountants you add will have access to nearly all of the capabilities for your account, including viewing data and sending accounts to collections.accountant-2


Review and manage your integrations on this page. You can view your integration type, customer count, invoice count, placement count, the state of your integration, and when the last sync occurred. You can also add integrations from this page.integration-1


Help Center

By clicking here, you'll be redirected to our Help Center where you'll find articles on FAQ and basic guides to the platform.help center-1


Our new user walkthrough video will take you through the basics of our platform, including how to submit accounts to both Assist and Collect, and how to provide additional information and documentation to our servicers.walkthrough-1