Best Practices for Manual Collect Users

A guide for Collect users that don’t use an accounting system we integrate with

For our customers that don’t use one of the accounting platforms that we currently integrate with, we’ve put together a couple of best practices to keep in mind for getting the most out of our Collect service. For more information on Collect and what’s included, you can check out our Help Center article right here

Below, you’ll see tips on how to regularly import data to CollBox, keep it up to date, and ensure that you’re taking full advantage of the help our agencies provide to get you paid for your hard work!

Best Practices:

1. Set a reminder for yourself at your preferred interval (monthly, bi-weekly, etc.) to log in to CollBox and upload all of your current Accounts Receivable (including accounts you may have already submitted to Assist or Collect). We have two manual data import options: our Form and Spreadsheet importers. 

2. Without an actively integrated accounting system that we can pull data from, you must provide us with regular updates from your accounting or billing system so that the agency working on your accounts is accurate in how they communicate with your customers, including any payment made directly to your office and communication from the debtor. We recommend contacting the agency via the Message Servicer feature on the CollBox platform.

3. Similarly, if new invoices for the debtor are created while the agency is pursuing the debt, please message the agency to inform them of the balance adjustment and provide them with the additional invoice(s). Please provide the new invoice(s) via the Attach Files feature on the CollBox platform.