Add a user to a company account

Need to add another user to your company in the CollBox dashboard? Here’s how.

CollBox is better with your team onboard. Invite other team members so they can help you submit past-due accounts, provide supporting documentation, or follow along with the state of your company's accounts receivable.

You can assign one of two roles to your Team members to decide what access they have to the dashboard. You can edit these roles in the ‘Actions’ dropdown menu next to each member’s name:

  • Members can access all basic CollBox functionality, including sending accounts to Assist and Collect but cannot invite or manage company users.
  • Admins have all of the same access as Members, but can also invite and manage company users.

All newly invited users will have the 'member' role upon acceptance of the invitation. At that point, you can promote them to 'admin' if you prefer.

Adding users to your Team in CollBox is the best way to give multiple people access to your company dashboard, and is done as follows:

  1. Click on ‘Settings’ then ‘Team’ in the navigation panel on the left side of your CollBox dashboard.
  2. Enter the team member’s email address in the blank field then click the blue ‘Invite’ button to the right.
  3. The team member must then accept the invitation by logging into their CollBox account and following the prompt at the top of their dashboard.

Note: If your teammate has not created a CollBox account when you invite them, the invitation will go to their inbox and they’ll be directed to create an account.